Do you know when I knew the future had truly arrived?
When I heard about this brief!

To help Nike launch the Adapt BB, we partnered with Google to create the first ever shoe drop via voice. The campaign spanned across social media, out of home, in-game and of course, through the players themselves. The shoe was an instant success and sold out in 6 minutes!

In addition to the campaign, one of my favorite tasks was writing error messages for Kyle Kuzma and Jayson Tatum to say. Did you ever think you’d hear Kuzma say astrological ?

Client: Nike USA
Agency: R/GA Portland
Copywriter: Emma Dou
Art Director: Daan Van Daam.
Creative direction: Gabe Cheung, Gene Lu
Design direction: Tommy Korad


• Media Lions: Use of Integrated Media – BRONZE
• Creative eCommerce Lions: Consumer Durables – BRONZE
• Entertainment Lions for Sport: Excellence in Brand Integration & Sponsorships – BRONZE
• Clio for Digital / Media – BRONZE
Clio Sports for Medium Innovation – SILVER
• One Club for Online / Mobile Websites / E-Commerce Site – BRONZE