This is my second year working with Dropbox to bring their activation to life at Sundance. Due to the pandemic, our 2022 efforts were thwarted. But for 2023, we came back stronger than ever.

For the event, we created two spaces. One at IndieWire and a new salon called the Edit Suite. The Indie Wire space is exclusive for filmmakers and talent where they can interact with the brand before attending their interviews. The Edit Suite is a RSVP only salon where guests can kick back, relax and have a drink or two.

The concept of Department of Wonder was born from the juxtaposition of the rigidness of department and the ethereal nature of wonder. It is only with both of these elements, that filmmaking is possible.

Indie Wire

Photo credit: Amanda Proudfit

Edit Suite

Photo credit: Luke Williams


Photo credit: Beauty Nazzaro

Team: Luke Williams, Darian Newman, Otis Rubottom, and Beauty Nazzaro
Fabricators: Crush
Event planning: Dropbox internal team + Intersport
Social media: Dropbox internal team